The Damned – Thanks for the night



Finding a record by The Damned in a charity shop, what are the odds? Generally, you don’t find a lot punk related.  The time for clearing out the belongings of old punks and punkettes has not come yet. The little you find, I have a theory about that. It happens that teenagers leave their old vinyl, along with the interest of music in general, at their parents house when they leave home for university. And the parents of punks seem to be just in the age when they are clearing out the house to move to a smaller place. Just a theory.

Anyway, this is the last single featuring Captain Sensible in the first run of The Damned, and it was not on any album. It sounds commercial, but has a really good drive to it, and the chorus is properly punched in. I stopped listening to The Damned after The Black Album, but I should look up the albums after that, like Anything, Strawberries, Phantasmagoria.

And, I am going to see The Damned in a month, when they come to my hometown, Malmö. What were the odds for that?