Field trip



Today I made a field trip to an out-of-bounds village with two objectives:

1. Picking mushrooms (no, not that kind, just ordinary ceps). I didn’t find any, too little rain I guess.

2. The local charity shop. The village is a bit out of the way from just about anywhere. This means that if you get there the same day they put out some new stuff, there’s a reasonable chance to get something good. Usually, either you find the same box of records that was there two months ago, or on a good day, a fresh new box to dig. 

Today was not that day. But flipping through the 45s, I found this one cool item. Blodwyn Pig – Dear Jill/Sweet Caroline. Pink Island label, Swedish pressing and picture cover, the kind that is folded into a plastic sleeve. Usually, these are in better condition than 45s in regular paper sleeves. Many of these picture covers are not that professionally designed, in this one you can see some shoddy lettering work around the y in Blodwyn.

This is the first thing I’ve heard from Blodwyn Pig, blues rock with some jazzy interludes. Promising, but a bit blues rock by the numbers.

Condition-wise, OK-ish. No big issue, could do with a good clean up. All in all, a good 5 kronor (50 p/cent) spent. 




So, introduction needed perhaps. I have always been a crate digger, from the mid 70’s and on. I paused in the late 90’s and early noughties on account of getting a house, family, jobs, haircuts and so on, but lately the disease has struck again. So, now I’m back to haunting the car boot sales, charity shops and yard sales of south Sweden.

I’ll post both recent finds and not so recent finds.

My header picture is actually two items dug up from crates. On the left, you see a “Spisarbox”, a handy case for storing your prized 45 collection, also handy when taking them over to your friend to listen. You can lock it with the keys to avoid undesired handling of the records, and there is an index card included. The Spisarbox was produced in the 50’s and 60’s by Alstermo Bruk, a Swedish fibreboard case/box factory, but they have re-introduced an upgraded version. Available in both LP and 45 format, a small box is around 40€. I picked up my red box in a flea market in the mid-80’s.

On the right you see a Swedish issue of Deep Purple’s Fireball. Cover in tatters, and the vinyl is all crackle and pop, no snap. I found it in a pile of records at a garage sale. When the owner saw the condition, she wanted to give it to me, but I handed over a nominal sum (a small coin). I put it in a frame, because it has little use for playing while the cover is very distinct for Swedish late 60’s/early 70’s picture sleeves.