John Fahey


I didn’t have anything by John Fahey, so I was thrilled when I found this compilation at a car boot sale, 5 or 10 kronor, I don’t remember. It’s a Swedish compilation on the Sonet label, basically a Swedish label, but this one is curiously issued by Sonet UK. The orange seal with a price is a classic 70s/80s bargain bin price tag. You would see these on records in large overstock bins in supermarkets, electronic stores, gas stations…

Overstock bins could sometimes be treasure troves. You would find obscure records that had been sitting in the large distributor warehouse (there was basically just one big distributor at the time, apart from a few tiny indies), unsold or returned from stores.

John Fahey? This is seriously good stuff.  Acoustic blues-folk picking at its best. I don’t hold my breath waiting to find more by him in a crate, but if I do, don’t mind if I do.


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